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About DHL

At DHL we experiment with the application of digital technology in the realm of health and care.

Many people are concerned about the pressure upon and sustainability of our systems of health and care. The need for new solutions is evident. We would like to contribute to that by bringing knowledge, practice and entrepreneurship together. Research and discovery are at the heart of our approach.

The DHL is an initiative of University College Roosevelt and arendroos labs.

University College Roosevelt is a international Honors college of Utrecht University. UCR-students choose their own study path. One of the UCR programs is the pre-medical course, as preparation of a masters course in medicine. In september 2020 UCR will open the department of Engineering.

arendroos labs is a private R&D-lab. It is specialised in research and development of solutions for digital health. Its founder is Arend Roos, expert in Health IT.