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The Digital Health Lab is a place where researchers work together with partners from business and healthcare. In a joined effort they are developing and researching solutions for digital health. Currently, there are the following projects:


Partners: University College Roosevelt, arendroos labs B.V. and Zorggroep Ter Weel

The project partners are developing a game in Virtual Reality. This game helps people with Mild Cognitive Impairment train their executive functions and visuospatial memory. The target group of this game is people with (early) dementia, but it can also be beneficial to people with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Point of Care Testing

Partners: Middelburg Medical, University College Roosevelt

In this cooperation, the partners are working on new solutions for diagnostic testing at home. They are currently working on a Smart Toilet.

Biodynamic light, smart watches and sleep

Partners: SVRZ, University College Roosevelt

This project focuses on the effect of an intervention with biodynamic light in a nursing home. The target group is people with dementia. Activity trackers are used to investigate the impact of biodynamic light on the quality of sleep.