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Arend Roos – ROOS health B.V.

With ROOS health designing and developing solutions is based upon research. Just to test our assumptions, or to evaluate our prototypes. In the Digital Health Lab we have created a place where we can do that, together with researchers and end-users. We know each other well and what we can expect. A great acceleration for the development of innovations for health!

Gerda Andringa – University College Roosevelt

The projects of the Digital Health Lab have an impact close to home, because we conduct scientific research amidst the Zeelandic healthcare. We generate and disclose the knowledge Zeelandic companies and healthcare institutions need for the succesful implementation of innovative products and services.

Ger Rijkers – University College Roosevelt

The combined creativity of science, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals is required to maintain and promote health. Now, in times of Corona, and always.


Jacob Scharmberg – ROOS health B.V.

We are living through the digital revolution of our society. Every day, we as humans are developing new digital technologies and are discovering new applications for them. As someone who is passionate about technology and a firm believer in science, it is exciting for me to be a part of the Digital Health Lab and to be at the forefront of bringing digital technologies to the health care sector.