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Opening Digital Health Lab

We kindly invite you to the opening of the Digital Health Lab. This event takes place on Januari 28, 2020 from 2PM to 5PM in the Town Hall at the Market Square in Middelburg.

University College Roosevelt and arendroos have been collaborating for a couple of years and in a growing number of projects. These projects are focused on the application of digital technology in the realm of Health. Many people are concerned about the pressure upon and sustainability of our systems of health and care. The need for new solutions is evident. We would like to contribute to that by bringing knowledge, practice and entrepreneurship together. Research and discovery are at the heart of our approach.  

How we are doing this, you can hear, see and experience during this meeting. You will get familiar with some of our projects. These will be presented from various angles. And we would like to talk to you: Who wants to join? Are there ideas for new projects? How can this Digital Health Lab contribute to the regional innovation eco-system?

We look forward to meeting you on January 28!

Gerda Andringa
Head of Science Department,
University College Roosevelt
Arend Roos
arendroos labs